Westfalia BC60 Towball Mounted Tiltiing 2 Cycle Carrier

Westfalia BC60 Towball Mounted Tiltiing 2 Cycle Carrier

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To get your journey off to a great start Westfalia-Automotive designed its BC 60 Cycle Carrier with your needs firmly in mind. The BC 60 is easy to mount onto the towbar (no tools are required), is extremely compact and ultra-safe. It can also extend to hold an additional third bike.


Westfalia BC60 Towball Mounted Tiltiing 2 Cycle CarrierCycle Carrier is a safe and compact bike rack designed to cater to all your bike needs. With an array of new improved features, this cycle carrier is built to safely transport two cycles to your chosen destination. A great choice for family trips or cycling adventures.

  • Product Overview

    • Carrier Type: Towbar Mounted
    • Foldable: Yes
    • Tiltable: Yes
    • How Many Cycles: 2
    • For E-Bikes: Yes
    • Socket Type:13 Pin


  • Features

    • The new enhanced design of the wheel supports ensure the safe attachment of the bikes.
    • Ideal for the use with electrics bikes (wheelbase up to 1300mm).
    • The improved rubber coating inside the frame clamps, protects the bikes.
    • Folds down to a very compact and easy to store product.
    • The swivel down mechanism provides easy access to the boot of the vehicle. 
    • Extendable to carry a third bike.
    • Secure and fast mounting to the tow bar, easy mounting of bikes.
    • Easy readjusting of the tow bar clamping force.
    • No assembling of parts.
    • Patented clamping of tow ball using a one hand levering system.
    • Failsafe clamping system.
    • Leverage force for clamping to towbar: approx. 300 N
    • Included theft protection of bike carrier itself and individual bikes.
    • One key fits all locks.
    • Bikes are fastened using frame claws and ratchet levers.
  • Technical Specifications

    • 58 x 22 x 69 cm (W x H x D) when folded.
    • 1260 x 660 x 690 mm (W/H/D) when unfolded. 
    • Manufactured in line with stringent regulatory and car makers safety and quality standards.
    • TÜV-GS certified.
    • City Crash Test certified.
    • 60kg Payload.