Towing Electrical Systems

Cars, Motor homes and Commercial Vehicles are becoming ever more complex, as such it is vital to consider what type of electrical wiring system and sockets you want installed.


Whether towing a large caravan, trailer box, another vehicle or used to support a bike carrier, you will need to fit an electrical socket and wiring kit.


Electrical Sockets

When considering purchasing a towbar, it is important to decide whether you will connect it your car with a so-called 7-pin socket or with a 13-pin socket. Which socket you choose will be dependent on how you wish to use the towbar. Whether it be a bike carrier, trailer, caravan, boat trailer or horsebox. 

Everything that you attach to your car has to be powered by electricity so all the essential features on your vehicle work safely when in use. The connection between the car and your object you wish to tow is created by a plug socket for the electrical supply. The two plugs are the 7-pin and 13-pin plugs.

7 pin.webp

7 Pin

A 7 Pin supplies basic lighting such as indicators and brake lights. This type of plug is perfect for bike cariers 


13 Pin

A 13 pin is mandatory for trailers, caravans, boat trailers and horseboxes. This wil supply any electrics onboard your towing objects such as fridges and inside lights

Wiring Kits

Vehicle Specific 

Vehicle specific wiring kits are the recommended option, more so for modern vehicles, cars, vans and motorhomes, with sophisticated computerised management control systems. Electronic systems with the ability to recognise when a trailer or another vehicle is connected requiring an adjustment to the vehicles’ driving characteristics in terms of weight stability, cornering, braking and safety features. Features such as parking sensors can negatively impact on maneuverability and safety. In these situations, a dedicated wiring system will activate the onboard computer and, when towing, automatically deactivate the parking sensors.




• Works seamlessly with onboard computer systems:-

    Lane change assistant

    Brake electronics

    Adaptive cruise control

    Suspension system (ASS)

    Engine electronics

    Engine cooling system

• Vehicle warranty protected

• Quality engineered solution

• Designed with reliability and safety in mind

• Approved by All Vehicle Manufacturers

• Parking aids and vehicle fog light disabled while towing

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